Peter Ashby-Hayter
Digital Photographer

t: 0117 9719222

Light damaged Photo after archival repair by Peter Ashby-Hayter Sun damaged Photograph before photo restoration

Bristol Photo repair

Damaged family photos fully restored for just £35. Irreplaceable historical family photographs for future generations to enjoy. A variety of problems can be corrected during a complex restoration process: faded, scratched, creased, torn, wrinkled or stained.

Damaged photographs repaired and restored

This photographic restoration service is a completely digital non-destructive archival repair, your original will be returned along with the new restored print.

Ripped photo after archival restoration by Peter Ashby-Hayter Ripped Photograph before photo restoration Damaged and badly faded family photo fully restored by Peter Ashby-Hayter Faded colour photograph before a full restoration

Photo restoration service

Repairs damaged photographs back to their original glory.

Damaged photos repaired - more information: