Peter Ashby-Hayter
Digital Photographer

t: 0117 9719222

After photo compositing by Peter Ashby-Hayter: Porsche and Ferrari combined Before photo compositing by Peter Ashby-Hayter: Porsche

Bristol photo compositing

With compositing, my aim is that no one should be able to see the work carried out. This means I match and adjust tonal values and shadow densities across the image and blend individual elements to maintain light integrity. No one will ever know anything was altered, more than just simply swapping of heads or opening eyes.

Photographic montage

The best photo compositing or photographic montage is invisible, the finished image should look as if that’s just the way it was shot. Ultimately, we should be impressed by the photograph, not the compositing or retouching technique.

The photo examples I've included on these pages represents just a small part of my work, if you would like to see more or if you just want to make a tentative enquiry please contact me.

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